How to install Flutter on Windows and macOS

Malwinder Singh
2 min readMar 24, 2019

System requirements

For Windows users:

  1. You’d need Windows 7 SP1 or later (64-bit) for installation of flutter.

Download the Flutter SDK

  1. As of writing this article, latest stable version of Flutter SDK is v.1.2.1. You may download it from here.
  2. Unzip or extract ZIP file to desired installation location.

For Windows users:

  1. Avoid installing Flutter in directory like C:\Program Files\ that may require some privileges.
  2. Locate flutter_console.bat inside flutter directory. Start it by double-clicking.

For MacOS users: You may use following commands to unzip downloaded file:

cd ~/development
$ unzip ~/Downloads/

Update your PATH variable

For Windows users:

  1. Type ‘env’ in Start search bar and select Edit environment variables for your account.
  2. Check if there is an entry called Path under User variables.
    • If entry does exist, add full path to flutter\bin using ; as separator from existing values. For example: If you have extracted flutter SDK to C:\src\then you need to add :C:\src\flutter\bin to the entry.
    • If entry does not exist, create new user variable named Path with full path to flutter\bin as its value.

Close and reopen any existing console windows for these changes to take effect.

For MacOS users:

  1. Open Terminal and run $HOME/.bash_profile.
  2. Add path to flutter\bin using :as separator from existing value (which is represented by $PATH).

3. Run source $HOME/.bash_profile to refresh the current window.

4. You may verify that flutter/bin is now added to your PATH by running:

$ echo $PATH

Developers from China

If you are from China, then you’d like to see Simplified Chinese version of Flutter website available at

If you’d like to install Flutter using an installation bundle, you can replace the domain of the original URL with a trusted mirror.

For example:

For Windows users:

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